Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Climb Every Mountain...

I've mentioned previously that Kalymnos is a mecca for rock climbers.  They come from far and wide to challenge both their mental and physical abilities on the surrounding rock faces - an activity I don't think I'll ever understand.  Well I wouldn't, would I? Considering I'm afraid of heights.

Not that I haven't sort of given the mountain thing a go - with a husband who enjoys hiking and such like and having lived smack bang in the middle of the Three Peaks at one point, I was bound to try it at some point, wasn't I? 

Which is why one March morning, I arose and suddenly announced to my other half, Robert, that finally we'd be climbing Pen-y-Ghent together... and although it didn't actually involve the use of ropes, I say 'climbing' because at one stage we did literally have to scale rocks.

Mind you, Robert, who'd made this journey previously didn't actually warn me about this bit until it was too dangerous to turn back (yes, I did say dangerous!) probably because he knew I'd have backed out the second I'd been informed. 

Still, you can just picture the scene, can't you?  Me, hugging a rock face, clinging like a limpet as if my life depended on it; at least 80 mph hour winds swirling round the mountain to hit me smack bang in the face - a face that was contorted enough already, thanks to the sheer drop behind me...  And throughout all of this I'm crying and barking orders at Robert to get in simply because I was convinced he was going to get blown right off the edge, leaving me all alone and stuck in that position for ever and ever... 

Of course, at this stage  poor Robert's wondering if now would a good time to call out Mountain Rescue - like I hadn't lost enough dignity already!

Anyway, goodness knows how I managed it, but I did eventually pull myself together enough to scramble my way onwards and upwards.  Only to then go and slam my head into a protruding rock because I was too scared to look where I was going. Although I'm sure you appreciate that at this point I was ready to sod the 'sense of achievement' I'd been hoping to feel and just jump clean off the damn thing.  Which clearly I didn't, I just got on with it - remaining on all fours not just until I was out of the danger zone, but finally at the top. 
Needless to say, I subsequently insisted we took the long route back - no way was I facing that sheer drop again.  But wouldn't you know it when we did begin to make the long trek down, it was then that the whole heavens decided to open. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Latest Interview!

Just popping in to let you know I'm being interviewed over in the US at Dawn's Reading Nook today!

So if you want to find out why Sherlock Holmes makes me sad, why both Margaret James and Marian Keyes are such an inspiration and learn a bit more about 'Little White Lies and Butterflies' and more, then please feel free to head on over...

Happy reading, everyone and thank you x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Lucky 7 MME Award or se7en!

This week the lovely Donna ( awarded me the Lucky 7 MME award.  As did the fabulous clraven ( although unsurprisingly (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) they've decided to call it se7en!

Of course, I have to earn the award...  So what does this entail?

1. I have to go to page 77 of my current WIP

2. I have to scroll down to line 7

3. I copy down the next 7 lines (although clraven also offer the option of the next 7 sentences or next 7  paragraphs at this stage as well) and post them as they are written.

4. I tag 7 authors to do the same

5. I then let them know

So, having followed these instructions to the letter, here are 7 sentences from 'Little White Lies and Butterflies'...  Happy reading, everyone.

You obviously have an over active imagination, I scolded, continuing to observe the rucksack, rope carrying individuals around me.  As instead of the host of handsome, muscular, athletic types that I had hoped to feast my eyes upon, somewhat disappointingly, it’s fair to say I couldn’t have come face-to-face with a scruffier group of crag rats if I’d tried.  I mean wide legged sweat pants were horrific at the best of times, but to wear them a couple of inches too short... well, that was just scandalous.  And what was with the dread locks and Jesus sandals?  Although any disenchantment I was feeling at that point was nothing compared to the developing nausea I was starting to experience – courtesy of the array of tighter than necessary leggings that were on display.  After all, everyone knows these garments aren’t just offensive per se, when it comes to a man’s particular body parts, an air of mystery needs to be maintained at all times...  Honestly, it was enough to make a girl shudder.
So now for my nominations as to who I'd like to receive the Lucky 7 MEME or se7en ward.   

Now I shall look forward to reading all your works in progress.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Exciting News Just In!

Going Underground has hit number 1 in the Northampton Waterstones paperback chart!  How cool is that?  Especially after getting the number 2 slot last week at Witney.

And as you can see, it's also now half price.  So if you live in the Northampton region and fancy a laugh out loud, feel good novel, you know where to go!