Thursday, 22 September 2011

TV or not TV? That is the question?

As you all know by now, Going Underground is my very first novel and I'm pleased (as well as somewhat relieved, I can tell you) that the response to my literary creation has, thus far, been rather positive.  Not, I assure you, that I'm showing off or anything - I'm just glad to know readers are laughing in all the right places, getting infuriated in all the right places and feeling saddened in all the right places...  And as if that isn't enough, I'm further pleased to report such feedback has even included quite a few comments on what a great adaptation Going Underground would make - for both the big and small screens.

Of course, I was suprised when one chap even went as far as suggesting which Hollywood 'A' lister should play the role of 'Tracey'.  Although quite how well Natalie Portman would fair in getting to grips with a Lancashire accent... well, who knows?  Anyways, in trusting such a concensus of opinion, I decided to send Going Underground off to a Producer to see what she would make of it. And guess what?  Not only does she actually agree with what you've all been saying, but having enjoyed the read herself, she's since passed it on to a script reader for further discussion! 

Of course, there's no guarantee the script reader will also like it, or, indeed, that in the end they'll move forward with it.  But still...

So I'd now like to ask everyone to keep their fingers crossed with me, just for the next couple of weeks or so?  And send out a request for suitable tips on how to quell nervous anticipation?

Mmmm, Natalie Portman... she did look rather good when heavily pregnant, didn't she...?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bad Hair Days...

When it comes to bad hair days, we've all had them.  Moreover, when it comes to the words 'follically' and 'challenged' I think I'm right in saying that images of baldness are usually what spring to mind. 

Well not in my experience...

After all, despite the fact that I do, indeed, possess a wonderfully, full head of hair, I have evidence that my own follicles have been somewhat challenging of late - albeit in an abundant kind of way. 

In fact, I'd even go as far as accusing them of playing some kind of practical joke.  Especially when one minute I'm primping, preening and styling away to my heart's content, the reflection in the mirror singing my praises over what a good job I've done. And in the next, they're suddenly repositioning themselves into a less than complimentary arrangement, shall we say - but only after I've turned my back.  Not exactly a good predicamet to be in, I might add; particularly when in the midst of book marketing.

Of course, it took me a while to realise the little game they've been playing.  Innocently smiling away as the photographers click, click, clicked away on their cameras - all the while completely unaware that my locks have been laughing at me rather than with me.  But what they didn't bank on was the certain fact that the camera never lies - although then again, that's also something of an unfortunate reality for me too!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Bank Holiday Madness...

Well, what an August Bank Holiday I had.  Up early on Saturday morning, gearing up for my book signing at Lancaster King Street Waterstones (where I met some lovely people, I might add), before jumping straight into the car and racing down to Brighton...  Oh yes, me and a friend excitedly headed south for a taste of the Brighton Mod Weekender, where we mingled with Mods, Modettes, journalists and photographers... and even encountered the odd celebrity or two! 

Of course, this was all to the envy of my other half who had to work over the weekend; somewhat unfortunate, considering he's the Mod of the family and not I.  Then again, it was work of sorts for me, too; I was, after all, meeting up with the lovely Mark Sargeant from Scootering Magazine. 

Still, I have to say we did make sure to have a good time in the process - basking in the glorious sunshine and soaking up the festival-like atmosphere, as we were... all the while admiring the vintage clothing on view, listening to great music and let's not forget, counting up the feather cuts.

However, for me, the main attraction of the event had to be the number of scooters on display - the amount of love and attention lavished on all these two wheeled vehicles plain to see.  And when it finally came to the ride out, the noise of revving engines, the smell of two stroke oil and the awesome sight as they set out, en mass, towards Beachy Head was just fantastic...  and all in all, the highlight of my visit.

Although to be fair and just in case you happen to be reading this, I should add that you did come in a very close second, Sarge...