Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ten Things I've Never Done!

The idea for this post came from the lovely Amanda Egan who challenged her blog readers to come up with 10 things that they've never done. 

Now coming up with such a list seems easy at first thought - after all, not many of us have ever parachuted out of an aeroplane or swam with dolphins, have we?  But as for coming up with a list of 10 seemingly ordinary, everyday things that we maybe should've done or experienced... well this actually takes some thinking about!

Anyways, think and think some more I did and here's what I came up with:

  • I've never had brain freeze. 

You know, that apparent pain that shoots up the side of your face when you eat something cold, like ice-cream?  In fact, before I met my husband I'd never even heard of it and unless my children hadn't complained of the exact same thing from time to time I'd probably still think it was something my other half had made up!

  • I've never been to a music festival.  

Of course it would be wonderful to see all the great bands taking part and soak up the carnival-like atmosphere of these events, but I do like a shower block nearby when I'm camping and a proper toilet as opposed to a porta loo... and booking into a local hotel would rather miss the point, wouldn't it?

  • I've never been hospitalised, broken anything or even been sick.

I know, hard to believe isn't it?  The nearest I've come to flu is having a bit of a blocked nose, the only nausea I've experienced is through pregnancy or travelling and even when it came to childhood illnesses like chicken pox, three spots or so and I was done.  I'm obviously more of a carrier than a sufferer and as I don't want to tempt fate in any way shape or form, long may this continue!

  • I've never ridden a horse.

When I was growing up I loved all things horsey and was desperate to have my own pony.  Every Christmas, I'd keep my fingers well and truly crossed that this year was the year and each December 25th I'd race downstairs in the hope of finding Black Beauty in the living room eating the Christmas tree...  Alas, it was never to be - I didn't even get a whiff of a riding lesson, let alone my very own horse. 

  • I've never flown a Kite.

Of course, having two sons I've had the opportunity to partake in such an activity - it's just that I've also always chosen not to.  And if you've ever seen me run per se (never mind run whilst dragging a long line of chord with a large piece of plastic attached to the end of it) then you'll understand why!

  • I've never smoked a joint.

When it comes to drugs, I have the same attitude as Robert Carlyle does at the beginning of the film 'Train Spotting'.  There he is, pint of lager in one hand, cigarette in the other, saying something along the lines of him not understanding how people can put chemicals into their own body...  Hypocritical but true!

  • I've never changed or put air into a tyre.

In fact, I've never done anything with a car except drive it and when I really, really have to put petrol in the tank - anything else and I just wouldn't know where to start.  Although to be fair when it comes to vehicle related questions I'm not a complete lost cause; for example, if you asked me about mine, I can tell you it's red.

  • I've never driven a car in Greece

For the last five years, I've been spending more and more of my time out in Greece and continuing with the aforementioned four wheel theme, in all this period I've never actually driven out here.  It's the wrong side of the road thing, coupled with the maniacal scooter riders that prevents me from even trying.  Honestly, tackling the roads here is like undergoing some sort of extreme hazard perception test and without eyes in the back of my head, I'd well and truly fail!

  • I've never changed a plug.

Electrics scare the hell out of me and if anyone is going to blow the house and electrocute themselves, it's gonna be me!  In relation to plugs, however, I did once hear Max Bygraves say: 'Blue to the left, brown to the right. Don't get it wrong, or you might get a fright..."  The thing is, he was also known for saying "I wanna tell you a story..." so I've never plucked up the courage to test his theory!

  • I've never eaten Sushi

Rice is bad enough for me, but as for raw fish... well it's just plain wrong!

So that's my list done... Now it's over to you.  What things have you never done that by now you maybe should have? x


  1. Wow, that made me think! What haven't I done that I probably should have? It's easier to list all the things I have done that I shouldn't have...

    I've never -

    successfully learned how to reverse a trailer,
    eaten oysters,
    swum in any other sea than that surrounding Britain,
    been to America,
    written a love letter,
    gone on a camping holiday,
    gatecrashed a party,
    managed to work out spreadsheets on a computer,
    drunk myself unconscious or
    bought or sold anything on eBay.

    Will those do?

    1. Wow, Jane, that was quick - took me about two days to come up with mine! Great list, six of which I haven't done either x

  2. Hahaha, you crack me up. There are some things on your list that have to be rectified. Like, never changed a plug?? Go on, it's not that difficult, even I can do that. I had to, because all the stuff I brought from Germany (you know, stereo, hairdryer) needed re-plugging. And pumping up a tire... go on, give it a whirl. XX Lovely feature, thank you. XX

  3. What a great list. I've done most of the things you haven't done. Changing a plug, that seems a little technical to me, so I haven't done that. I hate when the grocery store has free samples of sushi; I steer my cart far away from them because I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to eat sushi either. I did try it once.

    1. At least you gave Sushi a go, Paulita, I'm clearly not very brave when it comes to these things x

  4. You're welcome, Nicky. I know you're right, I should tackle at least a couple of these things... one day, maybe... x

  5. I've done 6 things on your list. The four I haven't done are: music festival, smoked a joint, driven in Greece (not even been to Greece!) and sushi.
    My 'extra' six would be: never flown in a helicopter, never climbed Scafell Pike, never seen the Grand Canyon, never eaten caviare, never met Colin Firth - and never had a book in the top 100 on Amazon!

    1. I wouldn't do Scafel Pike either, Paula! Might consider others on your 'extra' six though.

      As for the top 100, Going Underground has been in the top 100 humorous ficting listing a few times... does that count? x

    2. Obviously that should read 'fiction' x

    3. I once started up Scafell Pike, but the mist came down over the top, so we decided it was safer to return to base!
      And congrats on getting in the top 100 - my books haven't been anywhere near that!

  6. I've done all but one, but I haven't been to Greece yet! Great list!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kristin and glad you enjoyed the post. Greece is a fabulous place if you do ever get the chance to visit x

  7. Golly, I think I've done all but 2-3 of your things!
    Ooh I shall have a think : )


    1. I've never done a cartwheel, I'm convinced I can't
    2. I've never stood on a surfboard and I once tried for like an hour!
    3. I've never cycled on a public road ever
    4. This is a hotly contested one, but I've never farted in front of a boyfriend ever lol!
    5. Or my girlfriends, despite urging it's a liberating experience I cannot do it !!
    6. I've never posted a Valentine's card, that's a guilty one as I have received them
    7. I have never gone for a swim in the UK except in a pool
    8. I have never had a hangover in my life
    9. I have never tried hard drugs
    10.I have never eaten lamb

  8. What a varied list, Yasmin! I think you should give the cartwheel a go, even if you don't manage it, it would be fun trying x

  9. 1. I have never done any drugs(never will)
    2. Never tried Sushi
    3. Never read classic books(not my thing)
    4. Written to a penpal
    5. Never been to america
    6. Not been to a musical festival
    7. Never been camping
    8. Learnt to drive
    9. I've never ridden a horse.
    10. Never learnt to swim

    Some of the things we've never done is because we've not got an interest in doing it.

    1. You're probably right, Kat and maybe because we just don't get the opportunity in some cases x

  10. One thing I've never done is make a list of the ten things I've never done - just thought that might make a good footnote, Suzie...

  11. You're lucky to have never had brain freeze or tried sushi - neither are great experiences!
    I love this post. I may have a go at my own list for my next update.

    1. Experiences that I will hopefully continue to refrain from!

      Looking forward to reading your list - wonder what you'll come up with?

      Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne, hope to see you here again x