Sunday, 30 September 2012

Another Review!

I'm seeing that Brit writer/Brit Lit title again and I have to admit, I quite like it!

Thanks to Donna Trinder over at her reading room for a great review!

Would be great if you could check it out x


  1. Suzie, I was puzzling over why the name Brit lit writer would surprise you. But I guess, since you are British, you all don't call each other Brit lit writers. That title draws me since some of my favorite books are Brit lit. I'm off to read your review.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by, Paulita, and for checking out the review.

    When people here refer to me as a Brit lit writer, it's more because Going Underground reminds them of Brit Flicks and less because I'm British. And when I look at how well received at lot of these movies have been it feels quite an honour to have that comparison made.

    Although I can see how over your side of the pond both would work x